Rear wheel drive turbo CRX Dyno'd @ 472HP!

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Its a 1989 Honda CRX HF that I converted to a mid engine, RWD drag car. Its been painted champion White. Is is currently regestered, and insured in california. clean title. have all receipts, paperwork, title etc. Its street legality is questionable, which would obviously become the buyers issue. I will not smog this car for you. It might be possible but thats up to the buyer. I will need to see this car leave with some sort of written release of liability for me from whoever buys it. It takes someone who isnt an idiot to drive this thing. however, it is perfectly reliable to drive at distance as long as you dont mind refilling the 5 gal fuel cell. I've taken it on a 180 mile road trip with no issues. I kept it street legal enough to drive to the track and back. I do NOT claim this to be a daily driver.

Other than the obvious body/frame modifications, here is a small and incomplete list of the parts that I spent too much money on:

85mm Darton sleeved GSR block
wiseco 8:1 pistons
eagle rods
b16 head
car has been converted to hydraulic clutch setup.
LS trans, spool differential. (comes with spare GSR tranny also spool diff)
equal length manifold
GarrettGT3582R turbo
tial 44mm wastegate
RC 1000CC injectors
External Walbro 255 pump, complete -6an braded fuel system with 5gal fuel cell
Liquid intercooler system, with heat exchanger mounted under hood
hondata s300, with boost control, data logging etc.
3bar map
Koni yellow adjustable shocks/skunk springs
NHRA spec roll bar
Circuit 8 Gold 16's

4 wheel disc brakes: 11.1" type R front 10" rear disc. 1" master cylendar

Car was tuned by Casey Horner of Modacar/Enginetics. It made 472 WHP and 356TQ on 116 oct, and 420 HP and 313tq on pump gas.
it weighs 2000 lbs. Its entirely too much power for such a small car, but the boost can always be turned down. If youve ever wanted to drive something that scares the hell out of you, look no further.

Answers some of the most common questions:
*the only thing under the hood is a 5 gallon fuel cell, and two radiators. One of the engine, the other for the liquid intercooler
*The engine compartment is completely sealed off from the inside of the car. Yes its loud (under boost)
*it doesn't get hot in the car or smell like exhaust. The firewall is removable, and so its usually taken out or open in all the pictures
* a stock honda b series transmission fits perfectly into the mounts, and shift linkage that I made

with an old b20 motor setup with 270HP, the car ran a 12.03 on 205 series street tires. It hasn't been run at the track with the new 472 whp motor.

Any other questions can be answered for serious buyers. Its been mostly sitting in storage for the last 2 years. I start and drive it once a month or so to keep it up.
Asking $12,000, will consider trades for honda/acura of equal value. If your really interested, send me an email with your questions etc and your phone number and I'll call you

your email comes right to my phone, thanks.

 photo 2012-08-03_16-13-27_110.jpg

 photo 2012-08-03_16-12-54_640.jpg
 photo 2012-08-03_16-12-15_47.jpg
 photo rwd-crx-3112.jpg
rwd turbo gsr crx 20 psi race gas photo calebrace.jpg
 photo rwd-crx-3097.jpg
 photo rwd-crx-3092.jpg
 photo IMG_20101114_152559.jpg

a few older and under construction photos

 photo dsc0011yxh.jpg

 photo 100_1220.jpg

 photo 100_1169.jpg

 photo gt35.jpg

 photo 100_1175.jpg

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